Only in Mazgaon you can be the part of exciting future and experience the glorious past. Armonia

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Makes it worth to buy a property in Mazagaon right now!

Marine lines 2.0 - 7-km long Marine Drive between Mazagaon Docks and Wadala, nearly twice the length of the Queen's Necklace in the West. Proposed plans to connect Bhaucha Dhakka with Navi Mumbai and Alibaug through water transport. Proposed ropeway between the Elephanta island and Haji Bunder. 60% of the 750 hectares of MbPT’s land is proposedto be utilized for public use. Proposed Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) is expected to provide direct connectivity to the new airport from South Mumbai.


At the break of dawn, as wooden fishing ships reach ashore after spending a month at a rough sea and empty their catch; captains gather together at a local bar to share their adventures at sea. One of the captains speaks of a mysterious looking ship; like the one, he has never seen before appearing from now here on a stormy night and before he could finish other captains cut him off by sa ying they’ve also seen that ship; the ship called ‘Armonia’.


Armonia means harmony in Spanish, meaning – the ‘calmness in the environment and a tranquility stirring spirituality of people living together’. A home in Armonia means a serene home with a composed living – creating a right balance which leads to a harmonious milieu for all the Mazgaonkars.


Where the harmony balances body, mind and soul – the ‘peace’ is unveiled. The joyful living comes with Armonia, where you love being home and spend pleasant moments with your family – giving you a feel of completeness, eliminating the pressures of the outer world.


Tranquility in mind brings the comfort of a well-being! We are always searching for comfort everywhere, be it any area of our lives! With a vision of a holistic living, Armonia brings every aspect of your life closer to your home.